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Exciting News: A Better English Website for You!

I’m very excited to invite you to join me and subscribe to my new website,!

Remember, this is all for YOU, so feel free to comment on pictures and videos (links to social media below), and tell me what YOUR biggest English challenge is.

Is it using idioms correctly? Feeling confident when talking to a native English speaker? Finding a good book to read in English? You are not alone. I’m here to help YOU!

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Podcast Recommendation

Check out one of my favorite English-learning podcasts, High Level Listening!

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Aloud or Out Loud?

When in doubt, use “out loud” in conversational English.

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Compliment or Complement?

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Top 27 Mispronounced Words

Practicing pronunciation can get a little boring sometimes, and using funny materials can help make learning more interesting while having the added bonus of increasing a student’s desire to learn. Continue reading “Top 27 Mispronounced Words”

Do or Make?

Are you confused about when to use “do” or “make”? Check out the resources below for extra practice. Continue reading “Do or Make?”

Lend or Borrow?

When you LEND someone money, you LOSE money because you LET someone have your money (with the expectation that they will pay you back the money). Continue reading “Lend or Borrow?”

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