“If I had to choose one word to describe a class with Tannia it would be ‘fun‘. Indeed, Tannia is able to help me improve my English skills in a friendly manner. She always does the best to help me. Of all the teachers I have tried, Tannia is the best. I would strongly recommend her.”
Guillaume P., France

She is the most special English teacher I have ever met. She makes me relax when I try to speak English. We can talk to each other like friends.
Jing H., China

I cannot describe how fortunate I feel for having Tannia Suarez as my English teacher. She’s not only extremely skilled and professional, but also she’s elegant, gracious, helpful, patient and is the best listener that I’ve ever known. Due to this dexterity, she is more than able to identify the student’s difficulties and create a customized solutions for them. Besides that she also offers great subtle and very useful hints.

If her qualities would end here it would be fair enough, however she’s so wonderful as a teacher that she’s able to create a very friendly and productive environment, making the student at ease to speak freely without losing the focus on what is important after all, the student improvement.

I’m utterly conscious that most part of my progress in English is directly derived from her tireless work. So, I just can’t thank her enough for using her talent for help my personal goal. If I could use only one word to refer to her work, it’d be exquisite.

Joel A., Brazil

“I like Tannia’s class because she encourages me to speak. Through her intelligent form of teaching, she makes learning English fun. Moreover, she is a very reliable teacher, and she is always well prepared. The difference with Tannia is that I am happy to learn.”
Mike H., Germany

“As an English teacher, Tannia has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to try other learning approaches in order to expand my horizon. She is always well prepared and more importantly, she is able to adjust the conversation to my personal needs spontaneously. In addition, conversations with her are always funny and exciting, and she makes nice suggestions that inspire me to keep learning.”
Chris G., Greece

“It’s always a great pleasure and easy to learn with Tannia. She is dynamic, proactive, and she is able to adapt perfectly to my needs so that the courses become more interesting and more efficient. In addition, she often gives me very good suggestions which are always very useful. She is so nice, hardworking, always on time, and we have a lot of fun.”
Julien T., France

“Tannia’s teaching style is right what I would like to see in a teacher. And every lesson was joyful! I didn’t have a minute during studying with Tannia when I was bored or didn’t want to work on my English.

All the time I was her student, she was encouraging me to talk more despite the fact that I was shy at the beginning and was making many mistakes. It is curious to me how would she could remember our previous lessons, the topics and the mistakes I had made as I think she had many other students. I think that our lessons helped me to cross that speaking ‘barrier’ so that now I am not afraid to talk in English.”
Indad S., Kurdistan